Full Membership

As an Aurora Member, a public sector organization is entitled to all the benefits of full participation in the program. Members may propose and vote on proposed projects for program funding. A complete description of membership rights and benefits are contained within the Aurora Organizational Charter and Operating Rules.

As an FHWA pooled-fund study program, the overall success of Aurora is directly linked to active support and guidance provided by its members. The annual membership fee of $25,000 would fund only minimal RWIS research and development activities for individual member agencies. Compounded through Aurora, however, membership dues are funding valuable initiatives that directly benefit all members. As an FHWA pooled-fund project, Aurora is eligible for 100 percent SP & R funding. Most agencies cover the annual membership fee with SP & R funds. Some members have made in-kind contributions in lieu of membership fees.

Associate Membership

The Aurora Associate Membership option is designed for research, non-profit public entities such as universities or other research institutions. To become an Aurora Associate Member, an organization should be nominated by an active Aurora member. Aurora Associates may attend all Aurora meetings and receive all documents and materials developed through the Aurora Program on request.

Friends of Aurora

Friends of Aurora was established as an outreach initiative with private sector RWIS service entities intended to improve dialogue between the public and private road weather communities.


The Aurora Visitor option allows public organizations the opportunity to gain first-hand understanding of the Aurora Program through attendance at one general meeting. It is intended that the visitor option will enable agencies to become familiar with the program prior to becoming a full member.

Is Aurora a good fit for your agency?

The only way to know is to try it on for size. Visit a general meeting to gain first-hand understanding of the Aurora program, meet other members, and see for yourself how membership could benefit your organization.To arrange a visit, or for other information on Aurora, contact Neal Hawkins (Program Manager), Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University, hawkins@iastate.edu.