2013-04: Quantifying Salt Concentration on Pavement, Phase 1

Problem Statement

Winter maintenance operations typically involve the application of salts to roadways to combat the formation of ice or snow pack on the road surface. Precise knowledge of pavement conditions, especially the amount of salt remaining on the pavement surface, is needed to maximize the benefits and reduce the negative effects of road salt usage. Salinity sensing technologies are effective solutions to meet such needs.


The focus of this phase of the research was to report on available mobile salinity measurement technologies. Technologies were identified through a literature search, a review of patents, information provided by vendors and manufacturers, survey responses, and follow-up interviews.


Three types of salinity sensors were identified: in-pavement sensors, portable sensors, and vehicle-mounted sensors. Seven mobile salinity sensors were identified as potential candidates for Phase II field trials.


Status: Completed

End date: May 2013

Investigator: WTI

Final Report

Final Report