Road Weather-Related Documents

A database of RWIS specifications and users survey results is available online.

The MDSS Functional Specifications Template and Procurement Guidance document is available online.

A road weather research report, Transportation Weather Research and Development Needs to Support ITS, prepared for ITS America as part of a project sponsored by the Weather Information and Applications Special Interest Group is available online.

Road Weather-Related Resources

Knowledge Base
This website is sponsored by the Aurora Program (, an international partnership of public road agencies working together to perform joint research activities in the area of road weather information, and Clear Roads (, an ongoing pooled fund research program aimed at rigorous testing of winter maintenance materials, equipment, and methods for use in highway maintenance. This website allows for sharing and retrieval of a variety of information related to the road weather and winter operations fields.

American Meteorological Society
AMS journals, newsletters, articles, and upcoming events in the world of weather.

Clear Roads
The Clear Roads web page has an active link to Aurora and the research efforts of these two groups capture much of the research needed in winter maintenance.

Effective Anti-icing Program
Manual of Practice for highway winter maintenance personnel, developed by FHWA.

The ENTERPRISE Program is a pooled-fund study focused to develop, evaluate and deploy Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Evaluation of the Operation and Demonstration Test of Short-Range Weather Forecasting Decision Support Within an Advanced Rural Traveler Information System
ATWIS evaluation report

FHWA Road Weather Management and Operations Community of Practice
This web site is part of the FHWA knowledge exchange. The goal of the task force is to encourage discussions related to weather-surface transportation issues and opportunities, to foster and contribute significantly to the research, development and implementation of related technologies and innovative practices.

Introduction to RWIS Standards (pdf)
An FHWA publication

ITS International
Companion website to the industry's leading independent publication for intelligent transport systems.

MDSS Pooled Fund
This Pooled Fund Study (PFS) is the result of a multi-state effort to bring about an operational Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) for state transportation agencies.

The development of a prototype winter Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) is an initiative of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA site provides US-wide conditions, forecasts, and warnings, with satellite imagery.

NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol)
NTCIP's communication interface allows cross-platform compatibility for optimized information exchange.

"Road Weather Information Systems: Enabling Proactive Maintenance Practices in Washington State" (pdf)
A report published by the Washington State Transportation Center that outlines the progress WSDOT has made and the problems they face with state-of-the-art RWIS/Public information systems.

RWIS Environmental Sensor Station Siting Guidelines
This document provides guidelines for siting an RWIS Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) and its associated environmental sensors.

Salt Institute
The Salt Institute is one of the most frequently used sources of information for winter operations among cities and counties.

Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program
SICOP events, projects, and the snow and ice list-serv

Winter Maintenance Virtual Clearinghouse
FHWA-hosted site for sharing the latest in winter maintenance research and technology

World Meteorological Organization
Official website of WMO, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

World Road Association
International information forum for road design, construction, and maintenance (acronym: PIARC)